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Full Name: Serena Jameka Williams

Date of Birth: 26 September 1981

Country: USA

Height: 5 foot 9 inches (175 cm)

Playing Style: Right-handed (two-handed backhand)

Best-ever ranking: Number 1

Career titles (singles): 73

Career titles (doubles): 23

Serena Williams Clothes

Since 2003 Serena Williams has been sponsored by Nike. She wears Nike clothes and tennis shoes on court.

Serena has always been very fashion-forward and often collaborates with Nike and other designers on her tennis outfits. Serena loves to innovate on the court and frequently hits the headlines with her looks such as the catsuit she wore at the 2018 French Open (which the tournament banned her from wearing).

In 2005 Serena began a design collaboration with Nike, creating the Serena Williams Collection. A key piece from this collection was the ‘transform’ dress which she wore at the 2005 Australian Open which transformed from a tank top and dress to a dress with shorts underneath.

Serena debuted her ‘Queen’ collection which she designed in collaboration with Virgil Abloh’s Off-White and Nike at the 2018 US Open. One of the most memorable looks from this collection was the tutu skirt.

Like her sister Venus, Serena loves fashion and has her own line of clothing.

It’s often hard to source Serena’s Nike looks but the items below follow Serena’s style:

Serena Williams tennis shoes

Like her clothing Serena is sponsored by Nike to wear their tennis shoes. Serena currently sports the Nike Flare 2 HC shoe, which were designed to be her signature shoe. They especially suit her aggressive style of playing as the shoes give plenty of grip and their bootie fit provides support when charging around the court.

Serena usually likes to play with color but in order to keep to the strict dress code at Wimbledon whenever she plays at SW19 she keeps her Nike’s white!

There are a variety of different designs of the Nike Flare 2 shoe available:

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Serena Williams Tennis Racket

Wilson have provided Serena Williams with her tennis rackets since the start of her career and in 2020 they collaborated with Serena to design the Blade SW102 Autograph racket which is 2 inches smaller than her previous racket but which gives greater control.

Here are a selection of Wilson Blade rackets:

Serena Williams Accessories

Serena is a brand ambassador for luxury watch brand Audemars Piguet. One of her favourites is the Royal Oak Offshore watch but she has also been known to wear the Millenary.

Luxury watches such as these often retail for more than $30,000 so if you like the look but want a cheaper version, check out these watches below:

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