11 Best Tennis Ball Machines in 2020 Review & Buyer Guide

Who makes the best tennis ball machine? what is the best-rated tennis ball machine? After taking a closer look at different tennis ball shooting machines and then trying them out, we came to sort out the best Tennis ball machines 2020 for real tennis lovers.

 So, here are the models that we think will best improve your game if you decide to get them. 

Well, that’s where you need the best tennis ball machine and that it can be a piece of very practical equipment for playing or practicing lonesome.

Are you really a passionate tennis player struggling to evolve your game? Well, if you do not already have one of those machines, then you should perhaps consider adding one to your practice arsenal. To really help you improve your tennis skills faster, keep reading this article.

11 Best Tennis Ball Machines in 2020

Therefore, Many tennis players have successfully used these devices to improve their level of tennis performance in a quite short time than usual. Isn’t it boring when there is nobody and you desperately want to play tennis to train and get your hands dirty with these tricks?

 Here we have put together our top #10 best tennis machine reviews 2020 to help you choose one that suits your need. 

There are many ways to learn to play tennis better, whether it’s to train, take coaching lessons or watching videos on Youtube also. But for a real method is of practice and improvement, The game that surpasses all other options is to use a tennis ball machine.

The tennis ball launcher machines help a lot to sharpen your footwork, ball position and overall control over the ball and rotations. And since you can adjust the intensity of these tested machines, it will also help you develop your stamina at a high level.


Tennis Ball Machine

  • Max Speed (mph): 18-68
  • 12-amp battery
  • App: Yes Android-based
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Lobster Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Tennis 
  • Ball Capacity 150
  • Remote        Yes
  • Battery:          4-8 hours
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Pickle Tennis Machine Review

Pickle Tennis
  • Max Speed (mph): 7.4
  • Battery Life (hour): 2
  • Ball              135
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SpinShot Pro Tennis Machine

SpinShot Pro
  • Max Speed (mph): 19-68
  • Battery Life (hour): 2-3
  • Remote: Yes
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Spinshot Plus Tennis Machine

Spinshot Plus
  • Max Speed (mph): 19-68
  • Battery Life (hour): 2-3
  • App: Yes
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HP-07 Table Tennis Robot

HP-07 Table
  • Max Speed (mph): 19-68
  • Battery Life (hour): 3
  • App: Yes
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Promotor Table Tennis Robot

Promotor Robot
  • Max Speed (mph): 19-68
  • Battery Life (hour): 2
  • Remote: No
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GDAE10 Tennis-Ball-Machine

  • Max Speed (mph): 19-68
  • Battery Life (hour): 2.5
  • App: No
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iPong Original Table Tennis Trainer Robot

iPong Original
  • Max Speed (mph): 100
  • Battery Life (hour): 4
  • Warranty:      1-year
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Jugs BP1 Baseball/Softball Combo Pitching Machine

Jugs BP1
  • Max Speed (mph): 69.2
  • Battery Life (hour): 3
  • App: Yes
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So what do you do if you’re looking for a great used tennis ball machine? The good news is that we have compiled some of the best information available for people who want to own their own machines, as well as the top three products not to be missed. so, the good is question is: how to get the best tennis ball machine 2020?

 below are listed the best out the market machines for Tennis. 

1. Tennis Ball Machine 2020

Spinshot-Player is a really advanced portable tennis ball machine. It is actually a user-friendly

Tennis Ball Machine

programmable machine, additionally, you can make drills with 2 lines of all widths and heights. Consequently, It is possible to create a vertical oscillation combined with a horizontal oscillation. While you can also create any other combined oscillation mode you feel comfortable with.

We came able to try out all of those features with the so-called Spinshot Player App and the game was awesome. Similarly, all of these above settings can be created from your phone and saved instantly in the tennis ball hopper machine.

The machine’s design is flawless and still allows the player to customize his exercises including heights, directions, spins, and speeds for each of the 6 sequential shots. Most above all, These settings can be saved as a custom exercise.

Anytime you’ll need the same practice, just press the drill-x button to start that previously saved game. The Player Model is all made to help the users aim their skills without losing time. Therefore, this machine can be used even by the youngest players

The Machine SizeMachine SpeedSpinShot BATTERYSpinShot App
The size of the machine is 50CM (H), 45CM (L), 30CM (W) and weighs 19 kg. This is really an easy-to-transport machine compared to other machines we’ve seen.
Its amazing Speed range goes from 18 to 68 mph
It has A 12-volt, 12-amp battery, including A smart battery charger but shipped separately. The customer needs to order the optional power module. Consequently, you can order the battery option free of charge, and the main power module will be ordered for only $129.
 The Android-based remote application and iPhone apps are available to download for free of charge for controlling the machine remotely. The SPINSHOT PLAYER machine now supports Apple systems (iPhone…). Within the app, you can know the battery level of your machine while playing.
  • The machine can use AC as well as Battery.
  • It offers vertical and horizontal oscillation.
  • The machine is easy to transport.
  • It has a smartphone app to control it remotely.
  • Charger supplied. Battery sold separately.
  • You will need to wait up to 2 minutes for the machine to get ready first use.
  • Design is Odd

2. Lobster Tennis Ball Machine 2020

For tennis enthusiasts, students or families looking for a lightweight tennis ball feeder machine, Lobster Sports offers an affordable solution.

The Liberty Elite – Liberty Tennis Ball Machine from Lobster is another easy-to-use ball thrower. Also, it has an attractive design and great features with fabulous value.

Lobster Tennis Machine Review
Lobster Tennis Ball Machine

This battery-operated ball machine has been designed for maximum durability and is easy to carry on.

Although its battery is smaller and produces less short time than other Lobster Sports machines, this one is able to work efficiently.

With an ergonomic 35-pound design, this lightweight tennis ball machine is easy to load into your car. It has been designed with oversized wheels that make it easy to transport on gravel, grass, curbs and all road surfaces.

Elite freedom has been developed to meet the needs of beginners who are looking for advanced control of the speed and rotation of the ball. In fact, elite freedom produces unmatched rotational control for a machine at this price.

This tennis ball machine offers manual swing, ball speed from 20 to 70 mph, an elevation of 0 to 50 degrees, while its small lightweight battery is easy to carry and can run from two to four hours.

Tennis players will appreciate advanced features such as full random oscillation from corner to corner and lob up to 50 degrees for overhead practice. You can purchase many accessories to enhance the elite liberty, including a 2-function remote control, a 1 amp fast charger, a 3 amp premium charger, a storage cover and an external power supply.

Feed Frequency:Ball Capacity:Oscillation & Elevation:Size & Weight:Control:Battery:Power:
2-12 seconds
Random Horizontal & Vertical
44 lbs
Remote control available for purchase.
Lasts 4-8 hours
Rechargeable battery included with charger. Fast charger available.
  • It has improved features at an affordable price
  • Feeds side to side as well as short and deep balls
  • Easy to maneuver with handle and large wheels
  • The machine is light and durable
  • Very easy to carry
  • Very cheap price compared to others
  • The remote control is sold separately
  • No custom preset drills

3. Lobster Sports – the pickle by Lobster Machine

This is one of the cheap tennis ball machines to take into account. Lobster Sports has designed this pickleball machine for beginners and professionals. It throws balls at players at speeds of 10 to 60 miles per hour, can be set to produce topspin and backspin throws, and has manual altitude settings of 0 to 50 degrees and a feed speed of 2 at 12 seconds.

Pickle Tennis Machine Review
Pickle Tennis Machine Review

Consequently, These options allow you to set up a workout program to improve the many facets of your game. This is a battery powered machine with a high capacity battery that has a field life of two to four hours. leaving enough time to train on a single charge. The machine helps you control knocks such as running, sliding, bending and kick.

The clever design of the Lobster pickleball machine features an inverted hopper and large 8-inch wheels, making it easy to get in and out of the pickle in your car, on curbs and on any surface. It has a capacity of 135 pickleball.

However, Optional accessories include our elite remote control to control your machine on the other side of the field, and our fast charger to shorten your charging time. Lobster Gherkin is manufactured in the United States and is covered by Lobster’s two-year warranty. This pickleball machine works with indoor and outdoor pickleball.

Furthermore, For pickleball players, finding a high-quality training machine can be time-consuming and frustrating. Fortunately, lobster ball machine Sports, the leading manufacturer of tennis ball machines with 47 years of experience, has created the pickle, a complete, elegant and easy-to-carry pickle machine.

This pickleball machine outperforms the rest of the market because of its durable construction, lightweight, high spinning capacity and unparalleled ball speed.

  • No other machine is running in this market
  • Heavier machine
  • Hopper is bulkier
  • Below par battery life

4. SpinShot Pro Tennis Machine 2020

we have already seen the SpinShot Machine above, and now we are bringing with its pro version. Spinshot Pro is quite an advanced version of the usual SpinShot Tennis ball machine.

SpinShot Pro Machine Review

SpinShot Pro Tennis Machine

This Amazing Machine offers vertical and horizontal oscillations as well as vertical and horizontal oscillations. As with Spinshot Player, it offers a maximum shooting speed of 110 km, you have to be quick to send them back, my friend!

So that it is not at the top of our list, it does not really have the same level of advanced features as others and the fact that it does not come with a digital remote (even if you can control it with your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone no matter if you have one).

The Spinshot Pro is very lightweight and portable, making it a good choice if you move a lot on different terrains and want to take your machine with you.

Power:Oscillation & Elevation:Battery:Speed & Spin:Control:Size & Weight:Skill Level:
Rechargeable battery included but shipped separately
Random Horizontal Oscillator
Lasts 2-3 hours
19-68 MPH (30-110 KMPH)
Panel on the machine. Two buttons remote included.
44 lbs (with battery)
  • Included is a 2-button remote.
  • Battery-powered. 1-year warranty
  • Speed of the ball 10 km/h at 120 km/h. Feed rate 2-10 seconds.
  • The battery charger is included
  • Only Ball Machine not made of Plastic

5. Spinshot Plus Tennis Machine 2020

Well, honestly, if you plan to buy this machine, it’s a great choice, but for a fraction of the extra cost, the Spinshot player with predefined and customizable exercises may be the best option.spinfire tennis ball machine, After SpinShot Player, and SpinShot Pro .

Spinshot Plus Tennis Machine Review

Spinshot Plus Tennis Machine

Secondly, The modes of oscillation and the different rhythms can help you practice all kinds of shots and improve your training. Shots will be improved including hitting, stealing and deafness. You can also use the Spinshot mobile app to control this machine.

This Spinshot Ball Machine is similar to the Lobster Elite 2 machine described above. It is an excellent choice for players looking to improve any area of ​​their tennis game for their development.

Although this baling machine costs less than the Lobster’s Elite 2 (if you buy the remote), it has a slightly lower bale capacity and does not reach the pace of the Lobster (80 MPH) product. However, this machine is more compact and has a power supply option that allows you to play for hours without worrying about the battery.

Feed Frequency:Size & Weight:Control:Ball Capacity:Oscillation & Elevation:Skill Level:Battery:Speed & Spin:Topspin & Backspin:Custom Drills:
2-10 seconds
46 lbs (with battery)
Phone Apps optional
5 oscillation modes
Lasts 2-3 hours
19-68 MPH (30-110 KMPH)
  • Battery life 2 to 3 hours.
  • App for Android phone and iPhone remote control for free
  • 5 different oscillation modes (horizontal, vertical, random, 2 line)
  • Ball Capacity: 120 Balls
  • No programming features

6. HP-07 Table Tennis Robot 2020

This Ping Pong HP-07 table tennis robot is Perfect for home or commercial use. This is a robot which can generate topspins, backspins, as well as any combination of these and flanks.

HP-07 Tennis Robot Review

HP-07 Table Tennis Robot

Whether you want to practice the skill game or just for fun, this HP-07 table tennis robot is without a doubt your best choice.

This product comes with a wired remote control that allows you to better use various functions without having to leave the table.

It can hold about 110 ping pong balls and provide 36 types of spinning balls.

A High-quality product with a user-friendly design, its installation is easy, the product is durable and enjoyable.

The Ping pong table used to configure the wired remote control to allow you to better use the various functions.

This way You may not need to leave the table while playing. You will need to use the international standard, the balls having a diameter of 40 mm.

  • The ping pong robot is a high-quality product with a user-friendly design
  • It is small, durable and portable.
  • balloon: 40-70/ minutes; the direction of rotation: 2 wheel drive
  • Large capacity, it can hold about 110 balls of ping-pong and offer 36 types of balls.
  • Needs to be charged to work
  • Manual is English only.

7. Promotor Table Tennis Robot

We’ve also seen the previous promotor table PingPong tennis robot above. Now on,  we’re with the promotor Table tennis robot. reviews and pros as well as cons in details.

This is a Table tennis machine out of the ball speed, out of the ball frequency, the rotational speed of the head is set to 9 speeds, can be adjusted arbitrarily, every minute of the ball about 30-90.

Promotor Robot Review
Promotor Table Tennis Robot

It is possible to adjust from top to bottom the angle of any shot, the multipoint shot, the whole table to 34 of the ball, the left half of the ball, the right half of the ball, a fixed point out of the ball, the Table tennis robot with a remote control box, better use the use of various functions, even the most advanced players as well as beginners will get a great workout.

It is an outstanding Automatic ping-pong ball machine to configure host net, table tennis ball catch net that collects balls during service, multi-ball or robotic training, extranet for maximum coverage and directs balls to the center of the net, more convenient and save time.

A machine Ping-pong table can hold approximately 300 ping-pong tables (international standard size is 1.57”40mm), a larger capacity table tennis machine is suitable for all standard ping-pong tables.

  • Shipping from the US warehouse, approximately 4 to 8 business days for delivery
  • The robotic ping pong machine uses a double service
  • Automatic ping-pong ball machine to configure the host network
  • capable tennis robot with a remote control box
  • Takes 2 minutes around before the machine gets ready to play.

8. GDAE10 Tennis-Ball-Machine

This tennis ball machine turns out to be what I expected. It has different settings for the high and low effects.

GDAE10 Machine Review

GDAE10 Tennis-Ball-Machine

I really liked the oscillation feature, which somehow simulates the game in real-time. It is super easy to install out of the box. I recommend this product to anyone looking to practice on their own and improve their skills.

Yes, the machine can send balls from left to right then back automatically.

It is a Very good machine with a reasonable price, easy to install and configure, works perfectly with 200 balls, fun exercise equipment. a parking space is enough to play in my garage.

And The seller is very helpful in solving the delivery problem. The product is good and easy to install.

  • The new design, high quality, to meet your professional needs
  • PVC high quality, durable
  • You can adjust the pitch angle to change the shooting arc
  • Easy to remove aisle design, easy to clean dust from driveways
  • Two-wheel drive, the rotational speed can be set separately
  • Its design looks a little bit as the Promotor Robot

9. iPong Original Table Tennis Trainer Robot 2020

It’s more like a live opponent than a log feeder, This iPong can always shoot more than 100 balls before reloading.

Therefore, In the Best Tennis Ball Machines challenge, this one also uses a remote control to adapt to bullets from top to bottom, from top to bottom or top without having to leave your side of the table. In addition, the iPong assembles in seconds with only three essential parts to assemble – without tools or tennis equipment.

iPong Original Robot Review

All you have to do is turn on the parts, plug in the power and enjoy your iPong. Its design is indeed awesome.

The iPong Original is the ideal training robot for training without a partner, thus another real and best tennis ball machine. You can set your own pace with this attractive centerpiece, ranging from a casual workout to a sensational ball workout, giving you a world-class workout.

iPong Original Table Tennis Trainer Robot

With a quick and easy setup, get ready to play table tennis in seconds! It can hold up to 110 balls and launches at an adjustable frequency ranging from 12 to 70 balls per minute. With the wired remote control, the frequency of the ball and the rotation control are easily adjustable from your end of the table.

The possibilities are endless, playing with friends to play solo, eliminating the need to fold the other half of the table. Choose between topspin and underpin, set your own pace and start training like a champion! This simple, affordable and fun table tennis robot brings recreational table tennis to a new level of competitive play.

No need to wait for a practice partner. iPong is a convenient and affordable portable table tennis partner that plays with you tirelessly.


Compatibility:Net Weight:Ball Capacity: Includes:Warranty:Spin:
All standard size table tennis tables (9 by 5 feet)
2.5 pounds
100+ Adjustable frequency (balls/minutes)
iPong Robot, Remote Control, A/C adapter, Setup and Instruction manual
One-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
Underspin, topspin, heavy topspin
  • Sharpen your skills at table tennis without the need of a training partner
  • The remote control adjusts the power and rotation of the balloon
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Increase or decrease bales per minute as you get better
  • very cheap price compared to many others in the market

10. Jugs BP1 Baseball/Softball Combo Pitching Machine 2020

This machine in the race of best tennis ball dispenser machine is presently designed for baseball but works well also for Tennis balls.

Jugs BP1 Tennis Ball Pitching Machine Review

Jugs BP1 Baseball/Softball Combo Pitching Machine

The JUGS BP1 Combo Launch Machine is the most widely used youth league launching machine in the world and it now raises up to 100 km/h. Whereas You can set your BP1 to reach the exact mile/you want.

You choose the speed that best suits your players. It has a 110v socket. Yes, professional baseballs can be used. And the distance is determined by the age and speed of the ball.It goes from 0 to 70 mph. Our son is 7 years old and we have him at 35 ‘to 38 mph.

  • Swivel base provides 360-degree motion for flying balls
  • 5 years warranty.
  • Lance from 15 to 70 mph with a digital readout.
  • This machine is originally designed for Baseball players

11. SIBOASI S899 Automatic Table Tennis Shooting Machine 2020

This is another intelligent table tennis machine, Siboasi S899 has multifunctional shooting and training features.

SIBOASI S899 Automatic Shooting Machine Review
The shooting wheel of this machine is made of high-quality material.SIBOASI S899 Automatic Table Tennis Shooting Machine

It can rotate a lot and serve non-rotating balls and a variety of rotating balls, such as real service.

The support is made of high-quality material, stable, durable, non-slip.

High-quality steel wire holder, stronger and more convenient to use.

And its user-friendly design, making it easy to install and disassemble.

This will be your good training partner for table tennis.

This table tennis shooting machine is suitable for junior to senior players, can be used for family, schools, clubs and training institutions, etc.

  • Light, simple, beautiful, fashionable and easy to carry.
  • Automatic ball return and supply system (no need to pick up the ball).
  • Full function of an intelligent remote control (speed, frequency, angle, rotation, etc.)
  • Easy to install and disassemble, no tools are needed.
  • It is a relatively new product.
What This Article Covers

In this article, we will provide you with important information about the best tennis ball machines and will also perform some of the best tennis ball machine reviews. When we’re done, you should have a good idea, whether a tennis ball machine is the right tool for you.

Entering real tennis game can be a steep learning curve for many people. Not only you must focus on your opponent’s movements, but you must also be concerned about learning to swing and serve with precision.

 Within this article, you will get different specifications, pros & cons of the best ever tennis ball machine price. 

In our opinion, the machines are an essential investment because they allow you to practice at any time without the need for a human adversary. This can give you an edge and it’s very important if you’re serious about your tennis game.

First of All, What Is A Tennis Ball Machine?

A tennis ball machine shoots a tennis ball on you to imitate an opposing player’s shot, allowing you to practice shooting back without needing anyone else.

Prices can vary considerably depending on whether you are looking for a simple beginner model that will allow you to practice a little outside of your usual lessons or with a little more power to boost your endurance and stamina.

There is usually a tubular or barrel-shaped accessory that can be oriented with varying degrees of accuracy, and some models include features such as random, oscillating, and high power.

Designed to simulate the services of a professional player, amateur or beginner, a tennis ball machine is usually a fairly simple construction, consisting of a large tray or container, filled with several tennis balls and a motor or ‘a series of fans. can often be adjusted to change the speed and intensity of the output.

How to Choose A Tennis Ball Machine

When looking for the best tennis ball machines, many factors must be taken into account, It is compulsory. This guide will help you understand all your options and will give you the perfect machine for your needs. You will find below some questions to ask yourself before choosing a machine.

If you are still not sure how to choose your best tennis ball machine, so take into account your skill level.


Beginners can buy a ball machine with fewer features. In general, they just need to hit more forehands and backhands from the baseline to improve their shots on the ground. Beginner tennis ball machines can feed the balls at a slower rate without rotation or variety. I recommend to beginners to buy a cheaper machine and tackle the backhand and the forehand.


Intermediate players generally seek to improve their game to the next level. Similar to the choice of snowshoe tennis, you will probably want to get a product that will also suit advanced players. You can not use all the features immediately, but by pushing yourself with more difficult tennis drills, you’ll improve faster.


Ball machines for advanced players must be able to give a wide variety of moves with different effects, cadences, and heights. These machines are more expensive but offer a customization experience that is easily reimbursed compared to private lessons. You can create custom exercises with these best tennis ball machine 2020.