10 Ways to Practise Tennis at Home

Not everyone has constant access to a tennis court but to get really good at tennis it is necessary to practise, practise, practise. There are some great products on the market aimed at tennis players who want to train in their own back yard, whether its focusing on your serve, your backstroke or your footwork.

The featured training tools can all also be used when training on your own so you don’t always have to find a hitting partner in order to improve your tennis shots.


1. Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach

Price: from $145 (junior) – $205 (pro)

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To improve your point of contact and tracking of the ball you cannot beat Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach.

Designed in collaboration with the multi-Grand Slam winning tennis superstar of the of the 1960s and 70s, the lever system helps players to hit the ball at just the right time and allows you to repeat the same exercise over and over until you are consistently hitting the ball just right.

Available in two sizes the Junior for players under 4’2″ and the Pro for players over 4’2″.

The picture doesn’t speak a thousand words in this instance – watch this short video for a great explainer on how this training tool works.

Tennis coach, Lenny Schloss, is also stood in front of the amazing Ace Attack tennis ball machine.

2. The Perfect Pitch Rebounder

Price: around $425

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The Perfect Pitch Rebounder is a brilliant way to practise tennis at home on your own. You can set it up in your yard, on your driveway or even in your basement so you can even practise tennis at home in the winter months.

Hit the ball against the Rebounder and it will come back at you as if returned by another player. The tarp can be set up for beginner, intermediate or advanced level creating faster or slower return of serve as required.

3. Catching Racket

Price: from $39.95

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We know what you’re thinking: “A catching who now? That racket is broken!”

The catching racket is a great way to practise your serve at home in the back yard – without your tennis balls flying into your neighbor’s yard (or halfway down the street)!

This handy tool allows players to work on their serve, toss and strike without the ball leaving the net.

As the player strikes the ball instead of it flying across the yard it is neatly caught in the net of the catching racket, meaning you can practice your serve again and again.

4. Elite Trainer Tennis Rebound

If you have limited space to train at home and mostly like to practise by yourself then the Elite Trainer can be a brilliant way to work at your tennis game away from the court. The ball is tethered to a weighted base so you can drill your backhand, forehand, serves and returns in a confined space.

The Elite Trainer is easily portable so can be taken with you and set up indoors or outdoors to ensure you never miss a training session whatever the weather.

5. Momentus Ace Trainer

Using magnetic sliding ball technology this tennis training aid helps you work on your serve. It works to the same principle as golf swing training aids to help you to practise the elements necessary for a successful serve — timing, acceleration and upward motion.

6. TopspinPro

Want to improve your top spin? Then the Topspin Pro is for you. Just two minutes of practise with the Topspin Pro everyday will help you to perfect your top spin and create new ‘muscle memory’ ensuring all that training is translated to the court.

You can use the Topspin Pro on the tennis court but it can also be set up at home in your back yard and can even be used indoors. Suitable for all levels of player from beginner to pro.

7. The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster

Learning what a proper serve feels like is a key part of training to serve and the Servemaster makes it easy. Practise all your shots again and again, perfecting your grip and improving your coordination. Great for teaching beginners or children how to serve the Servemaster can be taken with you wherever you go.

8. PIKASEN Top Spin Tennis Trainer

The Pikasen Top Spin trainer can be used on the court, in your back yard or indoors making it a truly versatile bit of training kit. The trainer helps you focus on backhand, chipping, forehand and serve and can be height adjusted for adults or children.

9. RapidFire Mega Tennis Rebounder

The RapidFire Mega Tennis Rebounder can help you to practise your groundstrokes and volleys. The netting provides extreme bounce to ensure the ball always returns helping you to hone your shot selection. You can also adjust the angle of the rebounder to suit your training drill.

10. Advantage Swing Champ Tennis Swing Weight

Improve your swing and snap for serving with this handy tennis weight. Simply afix the weight to your racket and complete your warm up and training drills to achieve greater accuracy and consistency in your serve. The weights can be used anywhere from the court to your living room (providing you don’t own a low-hanging chandelier!).